What We Offer

Our Team of Designers and Engineers work together from the very start of a project. Designers focus on customer requirements, functionality, aesthetics and ergonomic solutions, whereas engineers look in to the feasibility of manufacturing and production aspects.


International Standards

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We love our client

Really friendly and helpful customer…Really friendly and helpful customer service.

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Only original parts

Using a genuine spare part in your car will allow it to function optimally and effortlessly.

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We Provide professional Services

Absolutely nothing is more proud at Life Cycle Bicycle Shop than giving you the quality of the mechanical work. We’re very happy to offer you 1 day turn around during weekdays, however doing the work right is a lot more important compared to doing the work fast. We’ve got not only one master mechanic; our employees have over 10 years experience doing professional bicycle maintenance. We frequently get professional training as well as top-quality tools as new technology arrives..

Tires and Wheels

The garages providing this service are expected to check the suspension system, tire wear and tire condition, tire air pressure, front and rear steering of ...

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Technical Repairs

That's why we reached out to bike mechanics to see what questions they face all the time. Here's how you can solve these basic bicycle repairs ...

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Electrical Works

Comfort and quality of the components are still as important on an electric bike as they are on a regular bicycle. But now, there are a few more things you need to consider.

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Automotive Filters

Forget breaking a sweat on inclines anymore, the motor is all you require for a pleasant riding experience

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Brake Fluid Exchange

Brake fluid is a type of hydraulic fluid used in hydraulic brake and hydraulic clutch applications i.

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Check Battry Light

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